Bachelor project, 2020

A modular in-home garden system that promotes an interest in growing your own greens.

Fogpod was chosen to exhibit at Form/Design Center's annual degree show in Malmö.
Fogponic gardening

Investigating alternative gardening methods led to fogponic gardening, a soil-free technique where a thick fog provides the plant with the needed nutrients and water. This method can generate in a greater yield as the roots are more exposed to oxygen and the tiny droplets of the fog are easier to absorb. An ultrasonic mist maker is used to produce the fog. The three discs vibrate at a high frequency, causing the nutrient-enriched water to transform into very small particles and create fog.
Functional prototype

To test if the modular concept worked with the fogponic technique a functional prototype was made using bottles, the mist maker, and a small computer fan connected to a 3V battery. With help of the fan, the modules were quickly filled with fog, proving that the concept worked.
As it would be placed indoor the approach was to make it more of an interior piece than a typical garden product. The inspiration for the design came from how sculptures are displayed at museums. The idea was to have a simple main compartment, allowing the modules and plants to be the centre of attention.
The playful expression invites the user to create a close connection to the food by growing it themselves. The modular design is space-efficient and encourages the user to cultivate their growing interest.

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